Who said that only animals are animated?


a stranger in a strange land.

The world will forget these children.

to be.

...there is the conversation...given in the language of chemical exchanges...

a noise invisible

But there in the dark of a BBC recording was only a young man's madness.

three out of four ain’t too bad

It was the result of a brokenness in his body.

times long past

He would sit there, with his tight frown, his pent-up bowels, his shoulders narrow again like a boy’s, his paper-thin skin shaking and he’d wait.

spread like snow on a windy day

Would you beat Old Franky like a rented mule rather than just let Old Franky be Old Franky?

a thanksgiving of things

As a kid, I’d imagine green florets budding out from under the soft and torn fingernails...

noise on an otherwise quiet day

...the pattern of the grain flows with divergent needs, some cells expanding slightly, others contracting.

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